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Dermatology in Edmonton distinguishes itself as a pioneer in Mohs Surgery, redefining standards of precision and patient care. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to achieving optimal outcomes through this meticulous procedure. Our experienced dermatologists combine advanced techniques with personalized attention, ensuring minimal scarring and maximum comfort. When you choose us for Mohs Surgery, you opt for a transformative experience that reflects our dedication to your well-being. Trust us to handle your skin concerns with expertise, compassion, and the highest level of skill, guiding you toward skin health and confidence.

Dermatology in Edmonton distinguishes itself as a pioneer in Mohs Surgery, redefining standards of precision and patient care. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to achieving optimal outcomes through this meticulous procedure.

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Why Are Mohs Surgery Important?

High Cure Rates

Mohs Surgery boasts exceptional cure rates for skin cancer, particularly for complex or recurrent cases, ensuring the removal of cancerous tissue with minimal reoccurrence risk.

Tissue Preservation

This technique conserves healthy tissue while meticulously removing cancerous cells layer by layer, minimizing damage to surrounding areas.

Precise Mapping

Mohs Surgery employs detailed mapping to pinpoint cancerous areas accurately, facilitating thorough removal while sparing healthy tissue.

Minimized Scarring

The precision of Mohs Surgery results in smaller and less noticeable scars, making it an optimal choice for cosmetically sensitive areas.

When to see a Dermatologist for Mohs Surgery?

Knowing when to seek Mohs Surgery is crucial for effective skin cancer treatment. Dermatology in Edmonton provides comprehensive guidance on when to consider this service, catering to different age groups and risk levels.

Our Mohs Surgery Service

Dermatology in Edmonton excels in Mohs Surgery, a meticulous technique performed by skilled dermatologists. The procedure involves removing cancerous tissue layer by layer, immediately examining each layer under a microscope. This process ensures complete cancer removal while minimizing damage to healthy tissue.

Recommended Frequency

The frequency of Mohs Surgery depends on individual circumstances:

  • Low-Risk Individuals: If you're at lower risk, Mohs Surgery may be a one-time procedure for treating isolated skin cancers.
  • High-Risk Individuals: Those with recurrent or aggressive skin cancers may require more frequent Mohs Surgery sessions for effective management.

General Dermatology Services and Treatments We Offer

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Skin Examinations

Our expert dermatologists provide thorough and compassionate skin exams to ensure your skin's health and well-being.

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Our skilled practitioners specialize in this non-surgical treatment, helping you achieve a refreshed appearance with minimal downtime.

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Acne Treatment

Our dermatologists provide tailored solutions to help you achieve clearer & smoother complexion, healthier skin & Regain your confidence.

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Our expert team specializes in eczema treatment, offering effective solutions for soothing relief.

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Psoriasis Treatment

Our dedicated team is here to provide you with the latest and most effective treatments for psoriasis.

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Rosacea Care

Our experts understand the unique needs of rosacea sufferers and offer gentle, effective treatments.

Procedures and Treatments of Mohs Surgery

Tissue Removal

The surgeon begins by carefully removing the visible portion of the tumor along with a thin layer of surrounding tissue.

Tissue Mapping

Each removed layer is precisely mapped and color-coded, allowing the surgeon to identify the exact location of cancerous cells.

Immediate Analysis

The removed tissue is promptly examined under a microscope in an on-site lab. This real-time analysis guides the surgeon's next steps.

Layer-by-Layer Approach

If cancer cells are still detected in a layer, the surgeon removes an additional layer only from the affected area, sparing healthy tissue.

Complete Removal

The procedure continues layer by layer until no cancer cells are detected, ensuring the tumor is completely removed while preserving surrounding tissue.


Once the cancer is eradicated, the surgeon discusses options for wound closure, often using various reconstructive techniques to minimize scarring.

Same-Day Completion

In many cases, Mohs Surgery can be completed on the same day, eliminating the need for multiple appointments.

Why is Dermatologyinedmonton is the best Dermatologist for Mohs Surgery In edmonton?

Dermatology in Edmonton stands as the preeminent choice for Mohs Surgery in the region. Our distinguished dermatologists possess unparalleled expertise in this intricate technique, offering precision-driven cancer removal while prioritizing patient comfort and cosmetically pleasing results. With advanced technology and on-site lab facilities, we ensure real-time analysis and optimal outcomes. Our patient-centered approach, combined with years of specialized training, guarantees a transformative journey marked by compassion, expertise, and excellence. When you choose Dermatology in Edmonton for Mohs Surgery, you’re choosing the pinnacle of dermatological care that delivers on precision, comfort, and remarkable results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mohs Surgery is a specialized technique used to treat skin cancer by removing cancerous tissue layer by layer, while preserving healthy tissue and minimizing scarring.

The duration varies depending on the complexity of the case, but it typically takes a few hours. Some cases can be completed on the same day, while others might require multiple sessions.

Local anesthesia is used, ensuring minimal discomfort during the procedure. Most patients report mild discomfort, similar to a minor surgical procedure.

Common side effects include mild swelling, bruising, and discomfort at the surgical site. Scarring is minimal due to the precision of the technique.

Mohs Surgery is highly effective for certain types of skin cancer, particularly those with high recurrence rates, located in cosmetically sensitive areas, or with ill-defined borders.