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Hair and Scalp Treatment in Edmonton

Hair and scalp conditions encompass a range of disorders affecting the hair follicles and the skin on the scalp. These conditions can lead to issues such as hair loss, itching, flaking, and inflammation. The health of our hair and scalp is not only integral to our appearance but also reflects our overall well-being. From common conditions like dandruff and alopecia to more complex disorders, addressing hair and scalp concerns is vital for maintaining comfort, confidence, and a healthy self-image. Expert evaluation and treatment from dermatologists specialized in hair and scalp health play a crucial role in managing these conditions effectively.

Conditions We Treat

Actinic Keratoses Expert management of pre-cancerous lesions caused by sun exposure, minimizing risks.
Cyst Removal Skillful removal of cysts to alleviate discomfort and restore skin's smooth texture.
Eczema Comprehensive care for eczema, providing relief from itching, inflammation, and dryness.
Excessive Sweating Offering solutions to manage excessive sweating and boost your comfort.
Hair Loss Personalized evaluation and treatments to address hair loss and promote hair regrowth.
Facial Volume Loss Restoring youthful contours through safe and effective volume restoration treatments.
Hyperpigmentation Treating uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation, unveiling a more radiant complexion.
Melasma Tailored approaches to manage melasma and achieve a more even skin tone.
Mole Removal Expert mole removal procedures for cosmetic or medical reasons, ensuring optimal results.
Skin Tag Removal Swift and precise removal of skin tags to enhance skin's appearance.
Skin Cancers Early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of skin cancers to ensure optimal outcomes.
Psoriasis Compassionate care for psoriasis, minimizing discomfort and promoting skin health.
Rosacea Expert management of rosacea symptoms, reducing redness and enhancing skin's comfort.
Scarring Advanced treatments to minimize the appearance of scars and restore skin confidence.
Vitiligo Tailored solutions to manage vitiligo and improve skin's appearance.
Wrinkles and Fine Lines Offering a range of treatments to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, restoring a youthful look.
Warts Effective removal of warts using safe and proven techniques.

When to See a Dermatologist

Excessive Hair Loss

If you notice increased hair shedding or thinning, especially if it's sudden or noticeable, it's time to see a dermatologist.

Visible Scalp Changes

If you see redness, scaling, or any unusual changes on your scalp, a dermatologist can diagnose the underlying cause.

Persistent Itching or Irritation

If your scalp is consistently itchy, irritated, or uncomfortable, professional evaluation can determine the cause and provide relief.

Patchy Hair Loss

If you have bald spots or areas with significant hair loss, a dermatologist can diagnose conditions like alopecia areata.

Changes in Hair Texture

If your hair texture changes significantly, becoming brittle, dry, or prone to breakage, a dermatologist can help identify the cause.

Scalp Conditions

Conditions like seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff), psoriasis, or fungal infections may require specialized treatments only a dermatologist can provide.

Thinning with Other Symptoms

Hair loss accompanied by other symptoms like weight loss, fatigue, or changes in menstrual cycle might indicate an underlying medical issue.

Unsuccessful Over-the-Counter Treatments

If you've tried over-the-counter products for hair loss or scalp issues without success, it's time to consult a dermatologist for professional guidance.

Family History of Hair Loss

If there's a family history of hair loss, consulting a dermatologist can help you understand your risk and explore preventive measures.

Concerns about Hair Restoration

If you're considering hair restoration treatments like PRP therapy, a dermatologist can provide information, assess your candidacy, and recommend suitable options.


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General Dermatology Services and Treatments We Offer

Exclusive Treatment

Hair Loss Evaluation

Our Hair Loss Evaluation is your personalized journey to healthier, fuller hair. Our experts will analyze your specific needs and craft a tailored solution for you.

Exclusive Treatment

Scalp Dermatitis Treatment

Our experts will address the root causes and provide a tailored solution to soothe itching and discomfort.

Exclusive Treatment

PRP Therapy for Hair Restoration

Our expert team tailors the treatment to your needs, bringing back the thickness and vitality you desire.

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Early intervention and tailored solutions can lead to improved outcomes, fostering confidence and overall skin vitality. Don’t hesitate to consult a dermatologist to address your specific needs and achieve the best possible results for your skin.


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